Don't Miss 2012
Tue, December 11 , 2012
Evening Readings @ Queens College
December 10 - December 10 , 2012
Polish and Romanian Carols
Mon, December 10 , 2012
Moshe Yassur on Yiddish Theatre
November 25 - December 1 , 2012
Djuvara and Plesu published in Canada
Tue, October 30 , 2012
Norman Manea and Claudio Magris
October 10 - October 12 , 2012
Romanian play in Washington Heights
October 5 - October 14 , 2012
Matei Varga performs Chopin
October 1 - October 11 , 2012
Thu, September 27 , 2012
Cristian Nemescu: Short Films
Tue, September 25 , 2012
Sanda Weigl concert at Joe's Pub
September 15 - December 31 , 2012
Romanian Artists @ SFMOMA
Sat, September 1 , 2012
Vladimir Tismaneanu The Devil in History
August 31 - September 2 , 2012
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu back in NYC
July 6 - July 8 , 2012
4th Romanian Film Fest in Chicago
June 23 - August 20 , 2012
Vlad Agachi residency @ Tanglewood Music
Tue, June 19 , 2012
Norman Manea at National Arts Club
May 31 - July 27 , 2012
Works by Romanian artists@Lombard Fried
May 18 - May 26 , 2012
Sorescu: Jonah Interrupted in Buffalo
Tue, May 8 , 2012
Gianina Carbunariu's Kebab at Origin
May 5 - June 4 , 2012
Dumitru Gorzo's solo work at SLAG
May 4 - May 7 , 2012
Boar and Tinei at NADA New York
May 4 - May 7 , 2012
Two Romanian Galleries in Frieze NYC
May 3 - May 7 , 2012
Romanian films in SEE Fest, Los Angeles
May 3 - July 15 , 2012
Sasha Meret in Conference of the Birds
Sun, April 29 , 2012
Matei Varga and Linden String Quartet
Wed, April 25 , 2012
Our School in SEEFEST
Mon, April 23 , 2012
Andrei Serban and F. Murray Abraham
April 20 - May 30 , 2012
Negura Bunget on a U.S. and Canada Tour
April 16 - April 19 , 2012
Eastern European Culture@Queens Library
March 31 - May 1 , 2012
Our School continues its U.S. screenings
March 28 - March 30 , 2012
March 8 - March 11 , 2012
Razvan Boar and Dumitru Gorzo at Volta
March 7 - March 15 , 2012
Alex Rotaru’s documentary SHAKESPEARE
March 1 - March 18 , 2012
Nic Ularu returns at La MaMa
February 23 - March 2 , 2012
Liliana Ursu on a U.S. poetry tour
Sun, February 19 , 2012
Alexandru Andries in NY
February 10 - February 12 , 2012
Catalin Dorian Florescu in NYC
Thu, February 9 , 2012
Stefano Ionescu @ the Fine Arts Museum o
February 7 - August 12 , 2012
Sasha Meret’s Sand Calligraphy @ MAD
Mon, February 6 , 2012
Our School at the Brattle Theatre
January 27 - February 5 , 2012
Hotel Project
January 25 - January 26 , 2012
Ionel Petroi's French Lessons
Mon, January 23 , 2012
Saul Steinberg's Italian Years @ Center
January 22 - February 24 , 2012
Pianist Vlad Iftinca's NYC concerts
January 20 - January 29 , 2012
Nic Ularu's "Hieronymus" at La MaMa
Sasha Meret’s Sand Calligraphy @ MAD

February 7 - August 12
Museum of Art and Design
2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019

Museum Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday and Friday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Closed Mondays and major holidays

General: $15
Members: FREE
Students/Seniors: $12
High school students with ID (excluding groups): FREE
Children 12 and under (excluding groups): FREE

Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm: Pay-What-You-Wish

More about the exhibition

Between February 7 – August 12, the Museum of Art and Design presents Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design. The exhibition investigation into unusual mediums features an international group of artists whose major materials are dust, ashes, dirt, and sand. It will highlight works that deal with issues such as the ephemeral nature of art and life, the quality and content of memory, issues of loss and disintegration, and the detritus of human existence.

Several artists invited to participate in Swept Away have focused on the relationship between the ephemeral and our understanding of language. Like sand constantly being blown into different configurations in the desert, living languages are never static, but rather are in a state of perennial evolution. The familiar phrase "written in the sands of time" is especially pertinent to the work of Sasha Meret and Cui Fei. 


Romanian-American artist Sasha Meret works with a wide variety of materials, ranging from digital prints and video to plastic cutlery, wood, and iron. His works develop organically from his experiments with materials and sometimes involve performance. Sand Calligraphy, a video included in Swept Away, continues the artist's exploration of writing, language, and the gestural quality of calligraphy. it offers a bird's-eye view of a sand field that constantly changes as wind blows across it. The sand moves and collects in specific patterns until a calligraphic rendering rendering of the first verse of Quran emerges, only to be swallowed up again by the shifting sands. The work is an elegant metaphor for the ways in which language reveal and conceal culture.


"My approach to the creative process is a continuous search for new challenges. I usually have several projects lined up, and this allows me to consider them with a  degree of detachment until I sense a clarity about the direction I have to follow. I work on an idea very focused as if it is the ultimate thing to do. One solution leads to another, which, in turn, leads to new solutions and new ideas. Such was the case when a set of stencils used for a series of works on paper were incorporated into a new series of works where sand was used for texture. The stencil became a three-dimensional piece that led to a a new set of works that celebrated ancient writing and calligraphies. While working with sand I became fascinated with the almost liquid flowing of particles. I grabbed the video camera and started filming. The editing and syncing with music was another exciting challenge. In my work I like the novelty of a new material or media. I like to explore its possibilities and often this dialog takes me in a new direction. I have only one rule - a harmonious result that intrigues, challenges and captivates. I welcome the happy accident, the accomplished error that helps me to think out-of-the box and leads me often to the most innovative formulas. If you want to make the gods laugh tell them you have a plan.(old Pre-Columbian saying)" (Sasha Meret, Artistic Statement)


“While dust, ashes, and dirt are not usually in the repertoire of materials used by visual artists, they have a notable history of use in the arts. [...] Cui Fei (sand), Sasha Meret (sand), and Antonio Riello (Ash), among others, investigate the role of language plays in the dialogue between permanence and impermanence in our consciousness. (David Revere McFadden, Chief Curator, Museum of Art and Design)

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