Don't Miss 2012
Tue, December 11 , 2012
Evening Readings @ Queens College
December 10 - December 10 , 2012
Polish and Romanian Carols
Mon, December 10 , 2012
Moshe Yassur on Yiddish Theatre
November 25 - December 1 , 2012
Djuvara and Plesu published in Canada
Tue, October 30 , 2012
Norman Manea and Claudio Magris
October 10 - October 12 , 2012
Romanian play in Washington Heights
October 5 - October 14 , 2012
Matei Varga performs Chopin
October 1 - October 11 , 2012
Thu, September 27 , 2012
Cristian Nemescu: Short Films
Tue, September 25 , 2012
Sanda Weigl concert at Joe's Pub
September 15 - December 31 , 2012
Romanian Artists @ SFMOMA
Sat, September 1 , 2012
Vladimir Tismaneanu The Devil in History
August 31 - September 2 , 2012
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu back in NYC
July 6 - July 8 , 2012
4th Romanian Film Fest in Chicago
June 23 - August 20 , 2012
Vlad Agachi residency @ Tanglewood Music
Tue, June 19 , 2012
Norman Manea at National Arts Club
May 31 - July 27 , 2012
Works by Romanian artists@Lombard Fried
May 18 - May 26 , 2012
Sorescu: Jonah Interrupted in Buffalo
Tue, May 8 , 2012
Gianina Carbunariu's Kebab at Origin
May 5 - June 4 , 2012
Dumitru Gorzo's solo work at SLAG
May 4 - May 7 , 2012
Boar and Tinei at NADA New York
May 4 - May 7 , 2012
Two Romanian Galleries in Frieze NYC
May 3 - May 7 , 2012
Romanian films in SEE Fest, Los Angeles
May 3 - July 15 , 2012
Sasha Meret in Conference of the Birds
Sun, April 29 , 2012
Matei Varga and Linden String Quartet
Wed, April 25 , 2012
Our School in SEEFEST
Mon, April 23 , 2012
Andrei Serban and F. Murray Abraham
April 20 - May 30 , 2012
Negura Bunget on a U.S. and Canada Tour
April 16 - April 19 , 2012
Eastern European Culture@Queens Library
March 31 - May 1 , 2012
Our School continues its U.S. screenings
March 28 - March 30 , 2012
March 8 - March 11 , 2012
Razvan Boar and Dumitru Gorzo at Volta
March 7 - March 15 , 2012
Alex Rotaru’s documentary SHAKESPEARE
March 1 - March 18 , 2012
Nic Ularu returns at La MaMa
February 23 - March 2 , 2012
Liliana Ursu on a U.S. poetry tour
Sun, February 19 , 2012
Alexandru Andries in NY
February 10 - February 12 , 2012
Catalin Dorian Florescu in NYC
Thu, February 9 , 2012
Stefano Ionescu @ the Fine Arts Museum o
February 7 - August 12 , 2012
Sasha Meret’s Sand Calligraphy @ MAD
Mon, February 6 , 2012
Our School at the Brattle Theatre
January 27 - February 5 , 2012
Hotel Project
January 25 - January 26 , 2012
Ionel Petroi's French Lessons
Mon, January 23 , 2012
Saul Steinberg's Italian Years @ Center
January 22 - February 24 , 2012
Pianist Vlad Iftinca's NYC concerts
January 20 - January 29 , 2012
Nic Ularu's "Hieronymus" at La MaMa
Liliana Ursu on a U.S. poetry tour

THU, February 23
New Jersey, Monmouth University

FRI, February 24
Penn State University

MO, February 28, 7pm
Pacific University, the Taylor Auditorium (in Marsh Hall)
Forest Grove, OR 

THU, March 1, 7pm
Elliott Bay Books
Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill)

FRI, March 2
Peninsula College (Raymond Carver Room), North Olympic Library
Pt. Angeles, WA

Acclaimed Romanian poet Liliana Ursu will have a bi-coastal tour of poetry readings in the U.S. presenting her volume "Lightwall" (translated by Sean Cotter and published by Zephyr Press in 2009) and her latest book translated in English "A Path to the Sea" (translated by Tess Gallagher, Adam J. Sorkin and Liliana Ursu and published by Pleasure Boat Studio, NYC, in 2011). The tour is organized by Zephyr Press and will include locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Seattle, Washington. Liliana Ursu will be joined by her U.S. translators Sean Cotter, Tess Gallagher and Adam J. Sorkin. 

The series will begin on February 23 at the Monmouth University in New Jersey. The following day Liliana Ursu will have a reading at the Penn State University.

Readings will continue on the West Coast at the Pacific University in Forest Grove (Oregon) on February 28. On March 1 and 2, the Romanian Poet will be in Washington, first in Seattle at the Elliott Bay Books and then in Port Angeles at the Peninsula College. For these final three readings Tess Gallagher, Liliana Ursu's co-translator will join the poet and Sean Cotter, while Adam J. Sorkin, another co-translator of Mrs. Ursu's work, will join for the reading at Pacific University on February 28. Liliana Ursu will have a residency at Pacific University, initiated and campaigned by associate English professor Darlene Pagan. The university also supports Liliana Ursu's travel to the U.S. 

Liliana Ursu, Tess Gallagher and Adam J. Sorkin translated "A Path to the Sea", published by Pleasure Boat Studio (NYC) in the fall of 2011, Liliana Ursu's latest publication in English. It was the second collaboration between Ursu, Gallagher and Sorkin, after "The Sky Behind the Forest" published by Bloodaxe Books (UK) in 1997. Sean Cotter translated "Lightwall" published by Zephyr Press in 2009. "Lightwall" was a Finalist for the PEN USA 2010 Literary Award in Translation, a Finalist for Three Percent’s 2010 “Best Translated Book Award/Poetry” award and Winner of the 2009 PEN Southwest Book Award for Translation.  

Both volumes by Liliana Ursu "A Path to the Sea" and "Lightwall" were published with the support of publication grants from the Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest.

Liliana Ursu is an internationally acclaimed Romanian poet, born in Sibiu,Romania.  She has published more than twenty books of poetry, prose, and translations.  Her reputation spans the Communist and post-Communist periods. She published her first book in 1977, while she worked at Romanian National Radio. There she faced lists of prohibited words and taboo topics, the front lines of Communist censorship. After the fall of the regime in 1989, she was able to attend literary conferences in Europe, including one in Spain, where she met Tess Gallagher.  Through her, Ursu came to know and be known in the United States. During 1992-93 and again in 1997-98, Ursu was a Fulbright Lecturer at Penn State's University Park campus; in spring 2000 she served as a visiting professor of creative writing at the University of Louisville. In fall 2003, she was Poet-in-Residence at the Stadler Center for Poetry, Bucknell University. Of all the poets of her generation, Ursu has had the most intense experience of this country. Her current poetry interprets the new freedoms of travel that Romanians have enjoyed in recent decades, an international experience radically different than their oppression under Ceausescu. Ursu has had two Fulbrights, taught at three U.S. universities, and has been widely published in journals such as Massachusetts Review, American Poetry Review, and The New Yorker. Brenda Hillman, Mark Strand, Andrew Wachtel, and Tess Gallagher, have all written about her, and Gallagher, Sean Cotter, Michael Waters, Adam Sorkin, and Bruce Weigl have translated her. Ursu currently lives in Sibiu, Romania.

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