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Tue, December 11 , 2012
Evening Readings @ Queens College
December 10 - December 10 , 2012
Polish and Romanian Carols
Mon, December 10 , 2012
Moshe Yassur on Yiddish Theatre
November 25 - December 1 , 2012
Djuvara and Plesu published in Canada
Tue, October 30 , 2012
Norman Manea and Claudio Magris
October 10 - October 12 , 2012
Romanian play in Washington Heights
October 5 - October 14 , 2012
Matei Varga performs Chopin
October 1 - October 11 , 2012
Thu, September 27 , 2012
Cristian Nemescu: Short Films
Tue, September 25 , 2012
Sanda Weigl concert at Joe's Pub
September 15 - December 31 , 2012
Romanian Artists @ SFMOMA
Sat, September 1 , 2012
Vladimir Tismaneanu The Devil in History
August 31 - September 2 , 2012
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu back in NYC
July 6 - July 8 , 2012
4th Romanian Film Fest in Chicago
June 23 - August 20 , 2012
Vlad Agachi residency @ Tanglewood Music
Tue, June 19 , 2012
Norman Manea at National Arts Club
May 31 - July 27 , 2012
Works by Romanian artists@Lombard Fried
May 18 - May 26 , 2012
Sorescu: Jonah Interrupted in Buffalo
Tue, May 8 , 2012
Gianina Carbunariu's Kebab at Origin
May 5 - June 4 , 2012
Dumitru Gorzo's solo work at SLAG
May 4 - May 7 , 2012
Boar and Tinei at NADA New York
May 4 - May 7 , 2012
Two Romanian Galleries in Frieze NYC
May 3 - May 7 , 2012
Romanian films in SEE Fest, Los Angeles
May 3 - July 15 , 2012
Sasha Meret in Conference of the Birds
Sun, April 29 , 2012
Matei Varga and Linden String Quartet
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Our School in SEEFEST
Mon, April 23 , 2012
Andrei Serban and F. Murray Abraham
April 20 - May 30 , 2012
Negura Bunget on a U.S. and Canada Tour
April 16 - April 19 , 2012
Eastern European Culture@Queens Library
March 31 - May 1 , 2012
Our School continues its U.S. screenings
March 28 - March 30 , 2012
March 8 - March 11 , 2012
Razvan Boar and Dumitru Gorzo at Volta
March 7 - March 15 , 2012
Alex Rotaru’s documentary SHAKESPEARE
March 1 - March 18 , 2012
Nic Ularu returns at La MaMa
February 23 - March 2 , 2012
Liliana Ursu on a U.S. poetry tour
Sun, February 19 , 2012
Alexandru Andries in NY
February 10 - February 12 , 2012
Catalin Dorian Florescu in NYC
Thu, February 9 , 2012
Stefano Ionescu @ the Fine Arts Museum o
February 7 - August 12 , 2012
Sasha Meret’s Sand Calligraphy @ MAD
Mon, February 6 , 2012
Our School at the Brattle Theatre
January 27 - February 5 , 2012
Hotel Project
January 25 - January 26 , 2012
Ionel Petroi's French Lessons
Mon, January 23 , 2012
Saul Steinberg's Italian Years @ Center
January 22 - February 24 , 2012
Pianist Vlad Iftinca's NYC concerts
January 20 - January 29 , 2012
Nic Ularu's "Hieronymus" at La MaMa
Romanian Artists @ SFMOMA

September 15 - December 31

Adrian Ghenie, Victor Man, and Ciprian Mureşan in
Six Lines of Flight: Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
151 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Visit SFMOMA's website

Related Events featuring Romanian artists in Six Lines of Flight:

THU, September 13, 6.30 pm
Film Screening and Discussion: Videograms of a Revolution and Pipe Dreams

Adrian Ghenie, Lamia Joreige, Victor Man, Ciprian Muresan, and Mihai Pop, artists
Apsara DiQuinzio, assistant curator of painting and sculpture, SFMOMA

Phyllis Wattis Theater, SFMOMA

$5 general; free for SFMOMA members or with museum admission (requires a free ticket, which can be picked up in the Haas Atrium).

Visit the event page for more details

THU, September 27, 6.30 pm
Curator Talk: Caitlin Haskell on Ciprian Muresan's Untitled (Monks)
Meet in the Haas Atrium before moving into the galleries.

Caitlin Haskell is assistant curator of painting and sculpture, SFMOMA.

Free with museum admission.

Visit the event page for more details

Connected event at UC Berkeley

WED, September 19, 5.30 pm
Location/Translation: Art and Engagement from the Local to the Global
Speakers: Mihnea Mircan, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp; Apsara DiQuinzio, SFMOMA; Joseph Del Pesco, Kadist San Francisco; Sanjit Sethi, Center for Art and Public Life, California College of the Arts
Moderated by Julia Bryan-Wilson, Arts Research Center

University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Museum Theater 2621 Bancroft (access through Sculpture Garden)

Visit the event page for more details

More events to be announced soon

Romanian visual artists Adrian Ghenie, Victor Man and Ciprian Muresan, with Plan B Gallery curator Mihai Pop, joined by critic Mihnea Mircan
in the
Groundbreaking International Exhibition presented by SFMOMA
Six Lines of Flight:
Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art

19 Artists and Art Collectives from Six Cities around the World Represented

Adrian Ghenie
, Victor Man, and Ciprian Mureşan will take part in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) project Six Lines of Flight: Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art. The Romanian artists will be joined by the curator of Galeria Plan B, Mihai Pop and critic Mihnea Mircan. From September 15 through December 31, 2012, this group exhibition brings together artists from six cities around the globe that have become burgeoning artistic centers: Beirut, Lebanon; Cali, Colombia; Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; San Francisco, USA; and Tangier, Morocco.

Six Lines of Flight explores the hybrid, changing nature of today’s international artistic landscape, presenting work from various communities that provide a unique lens through which to examine artistic production regionally and beyond. Artworks in all media will be presented, including installation, painting, sculpture, film, photography, video, and performance. Featuring approximately 70 works, the exhibition is organized by Apsara DiQuinzio, SFMOMA assistant curator of painting and sculpture.

Artists who have developed institutions, collectives, or associations that have had a major impact on their respective communities will be showcased. Through the artists’ foundational work, these platforms have anchored each region, helping to foster vibrant art scenes.

Over the last decade, it has become increasingly apparent that the art world is no longer defined by a few primary art centers, but is now composed of many centers, small and large, that possess distinctive histories, constituencies, and ethnic backgrounds. The exhibition not only seeks out work being made in diverse geographic locales, but also demonstrates the interconnected nature of the international art landscape, exploring artworks from each region in relation to common themes, such as archives, cosmopolitanism, collaboration, the dynamics between center and periphery, and the effects of economic and cultural renaissance.

The title Six Lines of Flight refers to the six featured cities and suggests distinct yet parallel perspectives and patterns of movement. It also draws on the work of French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, who coined the term "line of flight" to refer to a pathway leading to new connections, experiences, and forms of knowledge. In bringing together artists whose efforts have established each city’s cultural scene, the exhibition explores such pathways and links between them, illuminating the dynamic, global, and collective spirit of 21st-century art.

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue, with an introduction by DiQuinzio and essays about each art scene authored by a curator or writer active there. In addition, three thematic essays challenge traditional cultural frameworks and propose various ways of understanding the shifting nature of the local and global landscape, written by Tarek Elhaik and Dominic Willsdon, Hou Hanru and Pamela M. Lee. The publication also includes a roundtable discussion between artists from each city and SFMOMA curators DiQuinzio and Willsdon that was held at the museum in September 2011.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Adrian Ghenie, Victor Man, and Ciprian Mureşan

Over the last couple decades, the art scene in Romania has become one of the most vibrant and active among countries in the former Eastern Bloc. The political history of a country in radical transition continues to be an important subject for those living in the wake of Nicolai Ceauşescu’s reign of terror (1965–89) and grappling with its cultural and political identity in the aftermath. Many artists living and working in Romania tell a story of a nation coming to terms with life after totalitarianism.

Since 2000, a number of artist-run organizations and galleries have been central in fostering this new dynamic artistic atmosphere. The most integral among these spaces include the gallery Plan B in Cluj, founded by Adrian Ghenie and Mihai Pop in 2005. Ghenie, along with Victor Man and Ciprian Muresan have been core figures in the gallery’s program, and their work has brought important international recognition to Cluj. Signs of this activity taking root are witnessed in the recent forming of La Fabrica de Pensule (the Paintbrush Factory), a converted brush factory that now houses dozens of artist studios, a dance company, galleries, and designers committed to enriching artistic communities locally and beyond.

In conjunction with the opening of Six Lines of Flight, the conference Location/Translation: Art and Engagement from the Local to the Global will take place at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive at UC Berkeley. A panel of curators, artists, and scholars, including Romanian art critic Mihnea Mircan and Apsara DiQuinzio, will discuss how regional circumstances get articulated within international art contexts and how "global" conversations can redefine what we think of as "local" production.

Other specific events within Six Lines of Flight featuring the Romanian artists to be announced.

[Image: Adrian Ghenie, The Trial, 2010 | oil on canvas ]

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