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Dramatic reading of AND IT CAME TO PASS. The Inspiring Story Of WW II Veteran Teodor Bodea, by Ella Veres

Author’s Note:

In the Spring of 2009, during one of my field trips to Transylvania, my old homeland, I interviewed people about their lives. One of them was Mr. Teodor Bodea from the village of Sînmihaiul Almaşului.

His exquisite recounting of his war odyssey that took him from his village throughout Europe is remarkable. His generosity of spirit and his vivid memory make his wonderful recollections a treasure of emotion, wisdom and humor. He never ceased to be loyal to the place he was born, and he never tired of appreciating the generosity of kind hearted people he found along his journey.

He survived the absurdity and cruelty of Communism behind the Iron Curtain.

In this age of pervasive corruption, greed, cynicism and disloyalty, I find his nobility, integrity, dedication to hard work, and responsibility to his family, nurturing and bolstering. I hope he will be an inspiration for all of us.

The text will soon be performed in Romania.

We’re looking forward to publishing a bilingual limited edition.

Eventually we’d like to have a theater production both here and in Romania. I also think it would make an exciting and beautiful movie.

Please give your support to finalize this project.

Ella Veres is a writer/image maker/performer from Transylvania, Romania currently living in New York City. Her artistic and social activism take her often to Transylvania. She heads her own company, Transylvanian ArtVentures.  

Lennart Vretholm, actor, musician and composer, has been part of the acting scene since the roaring sixties. He has performed works of Shaw, Wilde and Barrie with A Company of Players in Manhattan.

More info at mailto:ellaveres@gmail.com,, or 917 620 9782

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