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Funding US-Romanian cultural projects The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York is not a funding organization. There are however a series of funding opportunities provided by Romanian public institutions (included the headoffice of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest) that are open to Romanian and American organizations and individuals interested in developing collaborative projects and exploring and promoting Romanian culture. The main opportunities are listed below; the list that follows is however not an extensive one.
Funding programs

Cantemir Funding Program of RCI Bucharest

The Translation Support Program of RCI Bucharest - it provides financial support for the translation and publishing costs.

The Program for the Translation of Romanian Authors of RCI Bucharest

Publishing Romania - a program of RCI Bucharest

20 authors Program aims to promote the Romanian literature onto the international book market.

Fellowships awarded by RCI Bucharest

Funding program for Romanian communities abroad - a program of RCI Bucharest (information in Romanian only)

Support to the Romanian communities abroad (Sprijinul acordat romanilor de pretutindeni) - a support program of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (information in Romanian only)

The Mobility Grants Program of the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs (information in Romanian only)


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