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Born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1985, Omar (Marwan Khalil al Anbaky) is part of the Oiler’s Crew of graffiti artists. He moved to Bucharest when he was young and grew up in a constant shift between his native land and his adoptive country. Omar started doing graffiti when he was 15 and shortly became one of the most acclaimed street artists in Romania. In Omar’s image factory, Batman, Robin, and other masked super heroes become jail breaker portraits. Drawn in a spidery style, his characters seem to emerge from some half-lit back alley, a fertile urban underworld with unshaven faces, hairy bulky bodies, suspenders and undersized T-shirts. Huge stray dogs have an important role in Omar's art. Some of them were painted on the doors of the famous Web Club (the starting point of late 90s Bucharest underground culture). Omar's tags and typos seem to reach out to the powerful tradition of Arabic calligraphy and of Kufic writing. His statements address direct questions about the new visual symbols and political icons of today’s Romania. Lately, Omar places the ominous marker sign CE (hijacking the official typo and initials of European Conformity, but meaning in Romanian ‘WHAT?’) on billboards, light switches and bus stations, voicing visually his ongoing puzzlement over what is happening around him.