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IRLO (Laurentiu Alexandrescu) is well known across Romania for his “astonished worm” (viermu), an unmistakable trace and the expression of constant joy in discovering the world. Another distinctive mark is IRLO’s use of text – colliding invented words and syntagmas, ironical or deadly serious. Born in Bistrita in 1985, he was given a strict Baptist upbringing, which he later reconsidered critically. After graduating from high school in Arad, he became an Architecture student in Timisoara for several years, abandoning his studies when his nomadism didn’t match the demands of the discipline. His main character is himself, as IRLO seeks self-discovery through the never ending visual interpretations of his states of mind. His works are profoundly mystical, though exploding with humour (e.g. mocking the orthodox imagery) and centered in a hedonistic reality. IRLO fancies a trash lifestyle in Bucharest, illustrating “Romanian supratripism” (as he calls it) and creating outdoor and indoor wall clothes made out of paint.