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Nuclear Fairy

Nuclear Fairy (Linda Barkasz) is an extremely versatile artist, working in a wide array of media, ranging from cyberpunk paste-ups to MMORPGs, from cosplay costumes to illustration, comics and animation, from fashion to digital art. Born in Arad in 1985, Nuclear Fairy claims to posses magical powers since childhood, as her parents allowed her a great deal of freedom to experiment with imagination. She studied art in Arad and Timisoara, but she mantains she would be a fairy even if she studied agriculture, as everything seems to excite her synapses. The apartments she has lived in became open home galleries and network communities for everyone to use as experimental spaces for content producing and sharing. She is one of the founders of "Biserica" (“the Church”), a collective which remixes elements of clerical clothing with the fetishism that creeps ever deeper in street culture and the culture of "covers" for the personalization of gadgets. Besides drawing wherever she finds crayons, paper, markers or a wall, her works have been exhibited in the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Bucharest) and the Art Museum of Arad. Her street art bestiary includes erotic ponies, cruel fairies, long-nailed prostitutes and chicken thighs.