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Romanian Language Day at RCI NY

Writer Carmen Francesca Banciu and professor Elena Mancini are our special guests, on September 2, 7 pm, at RCI New York Auditorium, for a book launch and presentation.

Carmen-Francesca Banciu was born in Lipova, Romania and studied religious painting and foreign trade in Bucharest. As a result of being awarded the International Short Story Award of the City of Arnsberg for the story "Das strahlende Ghetto" (“The Radiant Ghetto,” 1985), she was banned from publishing her work in Romania. In 1991 she accepted an invitation extended by the DAAD Berlin Artists-in-Residence program and came to Germany. Writer-in-Residence at Rutgers University from 2004-2005 and University of Bath in 2009, Banciu currently lives in Berlin and works as a freelance author and co-editor/deputy director of the transnational, interdisciplinary and multilingual e-magazine Levure Littéraire.

Her most recent publications in English-translations include: Mother’s Day: Song of a Sad Mother, originally published in German as Das Lied der traurigen Mutter in 2007 by Rotbuch, was published in English by PalmArtPress in 2015. Mother’s Day depicts the complex and vexed relationship between mothers and daughters, the pain of accepting and rejecting the lessons that mothers pass onto their daughters and only understand—if ever—when they become mothers themselves. Part bildungsroman and part autobiographical memoir, Mother’s Day explores mother-daughter relations under the communist dictatorship in Romania and sparks dynamic questions ideal for discussions about Eastern Europe, work, the woman artist, and women’s relationships with one another. Complement to Mother’s Day, Berlin is My Paris was published in German in 2002 and 2007 as Berlin ist mein Paris and will be published in English by PalmArtPress this coming spring. Berlin is My Paris describes the journey and tribulations of a woman author growing up under communism in Romania and arriving in the promised freedom of Western Europe following the fall of communism. With its focus on space, place, imagination, writing, and language, Berlin is My Paris is particularly ideal for fostering conversations about language-learning, immigration, the creative process, and language immersion.

Banciu’s other publications include Ein Land Voller Helden (2000) (English: A Day Without a President), Vaterflucht (2009), Fenster in Flammen (2015), and Leichter Wind im Paradies (2015).

Elena Mancini is a published German-English and Italian-English literary translator. Her published translations span the genres and include three novels as well as numerous articles of social and political commentary. Mancini holds a Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Literatures and is a language, literature and film professor at Queens College in New York City.

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